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The black part of your drawing will be etched.

Laser Etching Questions:

1. Can I use my own drawing or pattern and send it to you?

Answer: Yes you can! Just make certain that the resolution is high. At least 300dpi. It can be any file type. The larger the drawing the better. It must be in black and white, not grayscale or colors. The drawing needs to be the correct size and layout for the size of the glass. 2.5x8" pieces have clip marks on the ends, so you should arrange the drawings in about 1/8" on each end. The 16x16" sheets have two clip marks on each edge. If you send us drawing that is, for example, 4"x4", we need to be able to just place in a 4x4 dichro piece and etch it, if we have to work on the drawing we will need to charge a fee.

You can also send us hand drawn artwork and we can scan it in.

2. What if I need you to work on my drawing, or come up with something for me?

Answer: We provide graphic design services at $25.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.

3. What is the best type of glass to use?

Answer: The smoother the surface the better. Thin or standard Uroboros, Bullseye, or Spectrum works well. Float glass is also very good and is available in 1, 1.5, 2, or 3mm.

4. Can I fuse clear glass on top.

Answer: Yes by fusing clear on top the etched away part is shiny. Otherwise the etched areas are going to have a mat finish.

5. Is it possible to etch pre-fired artwork?

Answer: Yes. You will have a diffused, or mat look to it though. The piece must be as flat as possible.

6. What is the extra cost for the etching service?

Answer: We only charge about 10 cents per square inch. It would cost three times that much if you took your piece to an engraving company.

7. Are you going to have a stock pattern and clip art catalog?

Answer: Yes. Look on the website for the listing of standard patterns and art. You can find thousands of free images on the web. Just run a search for clip art.

8. Which is the etched away part of the drawings?

Answer: The black portion of your drawing is the part that is etched away. Think of it as black ink. Make a print out of your drawing on a laser
or ink jet. The laser etching will look exactly the same.

9. What is DPI?

Answer: Dots Per Inch. This is the resolution of your drawing. If it is less than 300 DPI you will see jagged edges etc....